Please make sure you mark your calendars. The WCMS Christmas Choir concert will be Thursday, Dec. 14th at 6pm in the WCMS Cafetorium. The 6th grade choir will need to report to the choir room at 5:15pm and the 7/8th grade choir will need to report to the choir room at 5:30pm. The admission to the concert is free although donations will be gladly accepted. This performance will count as 40% of your child’s choir grade this quarter.

Also, if you ordered a DVD of the Fall Sacred Concert I have those in. Please send $10 via your child.

7th/8th grade Choir parents-The next practice schedule for choir will be due Dec. 7th and Dec. 14th. Practice CDs will be distributed on Thursday, Nov. 30th, and the practice tracks will also be located on this page in the “Recommended Links and Practice Tracks” section.

Upcoming Events

WCMS Christmas Choir Concert – Thursday, Dec. 14th at 6pm in the WCMS Cafetorium.  Free admission although donations are gladly accepted.


Recommended Links and Practice Tracks

6th Grade Practice Tracks – Click here

7th/8th Grade Choir Rehearsal Tracks – Click here

Sight Reading Factory-

JWPepper Choir Music Link- Choir Music Link

Name Music in Our Schools Month-

Middle Tennessee Vocal Association-


 Classroom Guidelines

This vocal music class will include a diverse repertoire of choral music.  This course will also include proper vocal technique, musicianship, and encourage self-expression through performance and the creation of music.  I hope to give your child every opportunity to reach their full musical potential.


  1. Choral Octavos/Music (provided by the school) Students are responsible for keeping up with their music. If music is not returned the student will be fined.  ($0.10 a copy) or the price of an original copy (around $2.00).
  2. Black 1 inch 3-ring binder
  3. ***Choir uniform-New uniform for concerts this year. More info later (Ladies-Dresses cost between $58/Gents-Shirt, vest, and bowties $37) There will be fundraising opportunities.
  4. Choir T-shirt $10.00
  5. Pencil, notebook paper
  6. Optional– hole protectors, clear plastic sheets, dividers, Kleenex

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Be responsible
  3. No food, drinks, or gum in the choir room (bottled water is permitted and recommended).


  1. Verbal warning-documented and daily participation grade dropped
  2. Moved to a designated area within the classroom
  3. Parents and principal notified of classroom behavior
  4. Referral to principal for immediate action (possible removal from choir).

*Chewing gum during choir rehearsal=3 days of lunch detention

Grading criteria:

35% Daily Class Work (rehearsal participation) – includes singing quizzes (scored by rubrics) of musicianship skills that show student’s progress, rehearsal etiquette (time off task, chewing gum, or refusing to sing will affect this grade) and classroom assignments (rhythmic and melodic dictation, music tests, and quizzes).

40% Summative Assessment (Performance) – attendance at all choir performances during school and after school are mandatory and will affect the student’s grade. Below is a list of the concert schedule for this school year.

Choir Calendar

Semester 1


  • Sept. 26th- Middle School Mass (select students/optional)
  • October 10th-Fall Sacred Concert at WCHS 6:00pm
  • November 10th- Veteran’s Day Program  9:00am
  • December 12th-Christmas Concert 6:00pm


Semester 2

  • March TBA-MTVA Middle School Choral Festival
  • March 8th- Choir Concert w/High School at WCMS 6:00pm
  • May 10th- Spring Choir Concert 6:00pm